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7 Things about Newly Launched Scheme ‘Vikalp’ From Indian Railways


Many times, it can be difficult to get a confirmed ticket while booking a ticket with IRCTC. This can be a problem, as you might know, that it can be difficult to get a ticket in Tatkal quota as well. To deal with this, IRCTC tried many resolutions and finally, they came up with something quite feasible. If you would have been through the IRCTC Next Generation Website, you would have noticed an option for Vikalp Scheme on the home page before the IRCTC Login. Do you know what this Vikalp option is all about?

Well, here is all the information about the Vikalp Scheme and to begin with, the scheme is to provide the alternate trains to the passengers who can’t get a confirmed train ticket. In such a case, the boarding and the de-boarding station may also change to a nearby station. Below are 7 key points of the Vikalp Scheme.

7 Things about Newly Launched Scheme ‘Vikalp’ From Indian Railways

  • If the passengers who opted for Vikalp remains in the waitlist even after the charting, then they will be considered for the other trains. It will not be done before the charting process of the original train is done.
  • Vikalp scheme is applicable to all classes and on all trains. In addition to this, the scheme is only applicable for the passengers who book the ticket on Waitlist. Also, the passenger needs to check on the box to opt-in for the Vikalp scheme.
  • If you opt for Vikalp scheme then you need to understand that the checking the option doesn’t guarantee you a confirmed ticket. The ticket booking is subjected to the berth availability and the seat availability as per the alternative train.
  • During the booking, you need to select the trains that can serve you for the alternative travel arrangements and in this case, you can select a maximum of 7 trains at a go. Moreover, since the train will be different, the boarding and de-boarding station might also change.
  • This point is slightly important as you need to understand that there would be no extra charge for the other train or there would no refund if there is a difference in the train fare. The booking amount would remain the same.
  • If you receive a confirmed ticket in the alternative train and if you later change your mind then you need to understand that you will be charged the cancellation fee as this is treated as a confirmed ticket.
  • In case of a Vikalp IRCTC doesn’t provide the option to modify the journey in the later stages. The only way to make the changes is to cancel the ticket and book a new one. Even the list of trains selected can’t be updated.

This was all about Vikalp Scheme. You can also get in touch with IRCTC Helpline on 139. For more information, you can also visit IRCTC Next Gen Website at www.irctc.co.in. This is certainly a good initiative by IRCTC and if you are travelling for an urgent purpose then you must opt for this scheme while booking the ticket.

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