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A Makeover in the Indian Railways


One of the largest railway systems in the world, the Indian Railways is simply massive. This comes as no surprise as it needs to cater to one of the largest populations in the world. However, due to its enormity, it becomes very difficult to manage well and run smoothly. Having said that, the Indian Railways has always been handled well in spite of all the challenges it may face. There has been a great deal of change for the better that has strengthened the Indian train status. There has been a great deal of effort put into making the train rides much more comfortable with an improvement in the general infrastructure, the amenities provided, and the experience of the passenger travelling.

New, Well-Equipped, and Fast Trains

Trains that travelled in excess of 160 kmph were simply a dream several years ago, but this is not so anymore. There are trains like the India Gatimaan Express that travel from Delhi to Agra covering around 200 kms in a mere 1 hour and 41 mins. This is a commendable feat, and its impressiveness can be brought to light when you realize that it takes far more time to travel between Noida and Gurgaon. The Mahamana Express is decked with berths that are highly comfortable and has coaches are made in India, 100%. Trains like the Hamsafar and Tejas are high quality, premium trains while trains like the Anthodia are slightly more modest and showcase a simpler style of travel. The day is a double-decker train. Besides these trains made in India, the railways had also given allowance for Talgo, a Spanish firm to run trial runs that were successful. These were conducted between Bhojipura and Izzatnagar stations. This train is well-equipped with light coaches that were specifically designed for the purpose. They have AC chair seats. However, they lack a sleeper coach. It is a highly luxurious train that travels at around 200 kmph.

High-End Facilities

Several luxury trains come fully decked. They have features and facilities such as conference rooms, and huge pantries. They come equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, so you can continue to do your work, or conduct business meetings without any disturbance.


It is a very common sight to see railway tracks human excreta littered all over. It is very repulsive and is one of the prime areas of focus. The Indian Railways is trying to change the cleanliness standards and make an altogether cleaner environment to travel in. In this regard, it has asked several independent firms to come forward and undertake the huge task of a complete cleanliness makeover. These firms have been asked to replace the current toilets with more advanced bio-toilets that degrade the waste, leaving the entire place extremely clean. This is the technique employed in foreign railway systems as well, and it is high time that we followed them. Around 40,000 of these advanced toilets are to be installed and commissioned across several trains. This is a great step forward and is in line with the Swachh Bharat Initiative.

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