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Couchsurfing to the Rescue for Adventure Travel


Ever since a buddy of mine introduced me to couch surfing I became a huge fan. It opened the doors to strangers’ homes, who hosted me FREE during my adventure travels in Mexico & Central America, showed me around their towns, and even became my friends.  This amazing social network helped to make a reality my lifetime dream of traveling and changed my life!

Since I was having a hard time adjusting back to regular life in California and thinking of all the great people I met through this network, I decided to look up local couch surfers

In my city

Sure enough, as soon as I went to the first event, the ball started rolling and I began to meet some awesome new friends. Several potlucks, some concerts, countless volleyball games & many parties later, I can honestly say my couch surfing network helped me get rid of the travel blues =) It is amazing how just making friends with local adventure travelers with similar values helped me adjust. I’m very glad!!


I am once again enjoying my environment very much & even realized how beautiful Southern California is. Somehow adventure traveling also helped me appreciate my new city a lot more.  I am new to this area and I got to say exploring new places work great to keep my adventurous spirit fresh.

I guess all I needed was to keep busy doing things I enjoyed and making friends. Epicurus, an ancient Greek philosopher said, “To make us entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship.” He was right.


I will be getting certified to teach English in the next few weeks, which I’m very excited about! I’m sure it will open up a whole lot of doors for me shortly. I always like to keep my options open and this seems like a great one and I love to go for adventure travel.

I will continue to learn to play my violin and maybe even find a violin instructor for a few lessons, so I can improve my learning technique.

I will continue to share my adventures and thoughts on my articles. I’m having a lot of fun making improvements to its & hearing from old and new friends with my new comment gadget. Thank You all for reading and commenting!!!

Some days I still reminisce of my time on the road, but I know I will adventure travel again when I am ready to. For now, I want to enjoy my time with family and close friends in this beautiful city, which luckily now feels a little more like home.

Have you ever had a similar situation to mine, even if it is not adventure travel related??

What did you do?

What you think about adventure travel and I am sure you did not know much more about adventure travel. I think that you should go to adventure one time in your whole life and enjoy the best looking places.

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