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The Destinations Glass Beach in California and Wonderful Places in Italy


In the early twentieth century, the residents of Fort Bragg in California regularly throwing waste on the beach which today is known as beach glass, so this place used to be “eternal” numerous types of waste, glass, household appliances, and cars… But today this place is a real tourist attraction!

When Glass Beach in California valid for certain landfills, as they called locals, it was owned by the company “Union Lumber”. At the moment when the beach became completely buried, trash pallets to release new space for more waste.

Even this beach was closed and it was forbidden to throw garbage and originated and mass actions for its final cleaning, so over the next few decades and waves have tried to completely clean up the beach, leaving behind only small smooth pieces of glass in all colors, so today the whole beach is covered with glass, and once again, what we consider to be junk, nature has turned into an amazing landscape.

On the beach was bought by the National Park of California, and additional cleaning, it became part of the park MekKeriher. In the past few years, beach glass has become increasingly popular among tourists who come here looking for the most beautiful piece of glass to take home with him as a souvenir. However, this activity of tourists is a kind of crime because today is strictly forbidden to remove the glass from the beach.

Wonderful places that are forbidden to visit

Letters of Michelangelo the application of Henry VIII annulment of marriage and many other papers here have found their place, and do not believe that will ever be available to them “ordinary mortals”.
Some are wrapped in secrecy, and to some, it is impossible to get to. One thing is common to all these places, and that is that we can visit and look.

The tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang

Surely you’ve heard of the popular terracotta warriors who guard the tomb of the emperor in China. So far a total drawn two thousand statues of soldiers, all of which are different, and it is believed that underground is eight thousand. However, research and excavations are still ongoing, and while the soldiers can be seen, perhaps the grave will never be able to see it because the Chinese observe the rites of burial.

Cave of Lascaux, France

This complex of caves in southwestern France is painted with drawings from the Paleolithic era. In other words, the drawings here are up to 17 thousand years. Caves are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, and to preserve the last few years they have been closed to the public.

The volcanic island Heard

This volcanic island belonging to Australia, but are placed quite far away from its coast, making it one of the most remote places on the globe. He is a true oasis of life because it found its place penguins, seals … But the island is interesting because ten years ago it was discovered that it exists and an active volcano. Indeed, it would be interesting to see, but the problem is that it is supposed to sail at least two weeks from another land.

Island of snakes, Brazil

Not far from Sao Paulo is settled this famous island, which almost completely inhabits many species of poisonous snakes. They have almost about 4 thousand, but the locals swear that it has more, so the claim that every five square meters island comes after a snake. Here accessible only to scientists because of their research, and it only every few years.

Vatican secret archives

Hidden deep within the Vatican walls, it is difficult to believe that these documents would ever become available “mere mortals”. Letters of Michelangelo the application of Henry VIII annulment of marriage and many other papers can have found in this place.

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