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You Can Enjoy Good Food With Wine at Best Restaurant


Happy Wine Wednesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and was able to spend it with loved ones and took the time to reflect, enjoy, and appreciate all you are grateful for. And of course, enjoy some good food and wine! I know we here at Red Table did since we were fortunate enough to have had the day off to spend with those important to us.

As we become busy with all the season’s festivities, whether we are hosting or asked to bring a favorite adult beverage to these festivities, it’s got much thinking of the perfect wine to bring or to serve. While you are meal planning, the thought of what wines to pair with so many different flavors that are going around the table may be intimidating.

This week’s wine is inspired by the holiday season! A wine that is versatile to many different flavored dishes and one of my go-to wines is Riesling. Here at Red Table, we have been proud to be pouring Kings Ridge Riesling from Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Riesling is a delicate white grape that originated in Germany and now is found all over the world. This fruity, aromatic grape retains its naturally high acidity and can produce great wines in a range of styles anywhere from bone dry to lusciously sweet. Riesling wines are a top pick for Thanksgiving and holiday meals because they go excellent with any dishes that are spicy, salty, or sweet.

Riesling does not benefit from techniques such as oak aging because of its distinctive fruit; it does not need added flavors. Kings Ridge Riesling is an off-dry Riesling that has a nose and palate of green apple, rose, peach blossom, stone fruits such as nectarine and peach, and the palate ending with a long, stony finish with light traces of honeycomb.

Since our menu at Red Table is so complex, many of our dishes are suitable to eat while drinking this wine! If you have dined with us within the last week you may have noticed and hopefully tasted some of the new dishes we added to our menu.

We have kept many of our classic favorite dishes, but have added a few new favorites! One of my personal favorite new share items that will pair nicely with Kings Ridge Riesling is our “Ceviche Tacos”.

They consist of four taco shells that are made out of a large radish that acts as a street taco tortilla shell. They are filled with baby sea scallops, drizzled with you citrus vinaigrette, and topped with chives.

They are so light, yet filling with so many flavors. They are a great dish to start with while sipping on Riesling! Through the years of studying wine, one of my instructors once said in a lecture/tasting class…”Drink more Riesling!” So Tis’ the Season and do just that! See you at Red Table!

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