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You Should Enjoy Your Holiday With Wine Red Table in the Restaurant


Happy Wine Wednesday and Happy Holidays I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season in the restaurant. I know I have seen many of you celebrating here with us at Red Table, whether you had appetizers and drinks for pre-celebration, or have had your actual celebration here, we want to thank you all for enjoying your cheer here.

For those of you that started celebrating Hanukkah last night, the festival of lights is the inspiration for this week’s wine report. My family celebrates the culture, food, and traditions of Hanukkah, which also can be called the “Festival of Fried Food.”

While I was frying latkes last night I was thinking of what would pair with all of the food we cook for these eight crazy nights! It’s not always easy pairing wine with fried food, but sparkling wine is always a good choice due to its ability to cleanse the palate.

Thanks for the bubbles! Still, white wines can also pair well. Because the natural acidity, fruit, and mineral notes make them a great match. One of the newest white wines that we have been pouring is Astrolabes’ Chain Blanc, from Marlborough, New Zealand.

Chain Blanc is a white grape that originates in France. This grape has a good acidity level and naturally high sugar content. These attributes make this grape suitable for sparkling, sweet or dry wines. The Astrolabe Chain Blanc comes from the Southern Valleys of Marlborough, New Zealand, from Wrecking Vineyards.

This pale white (with hints of gold flecks) has a hint of crisp green and has spent a small amount of time in French oak barrels. It has also undergone the stirring of lees which provides a textural roundness to the wine. The aromas of this wine are green apple, lemon, honeysuckle, peach, melon, and a hint of vanilla from the oak.

The palate is medium-bodied confirming the nose of apple, lemon, peach, melon and it has a long miner laity finish. The honey flavor and the acidity you get from the palate help balance delicious holiday fried food like latkes. This wine goes well with poultry and seafood as well.

One of Chef Pemba’s newest menu items is Fish and Chips. This delicious white fish pairs perfectly with Astrolabe’s Chain Blanc. The fish is lightly battered, fried, and served with a side of Yukon gold wedge potatoes that have been drizzled with white truffle oil. We are down to seven crazy nights now, so come in before I have something even newer to recommend.

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